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The Benefits of Green Tea for Health and Weight Loss

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 Green Tea Properties

Green Tea is a type of tea (Camellia sinensis) that has minimal oxidation during its processing. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented. The fresh leaves are collected. After undergoing roasting, pressed, rolled, crushed and dried. Green tea accounts for between one fourth and one fifth of the total worldwide production tea. The major green tea producing countries are China, Japan and Vietnam. In Western countries, its popularity has ground cause its health benefits.

  • The Use of Green Tea by the ancient Chinese

Centuries ago, green tea has been regarded as a healthy element. Due to its medicinal properties, the Chinese used green tea by hundreds of years to treat many diseases and illnesses they suffered. They used green tea to cure skin diseases, indigestion, to prevent fatigue, improve urinary function and especially to improve brain health.

  • Green Tea Today

Recent scientific studies have shown that the medicinal benefits that Green Tea has, are real. Recent research showed that people with esophageal cancer have declined 60% due to the regular consumption of green tea.

A study made by Perdue University, Indiana, showed that a specific compound found in green tea prevents the growth of cancer cells. Other studies support the study made by Perdue University, showed that green tea has lots of “polyphenols” found in the “catechins”. One of these is known as “epigallocatechin gallate” (EGCG), a powerful antioxidant that has the particular feature to eliminate cancer cells in the body without affecting healthy cells. This antioxidant is also a key to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and preventing the formation of blood clots.

 Green Tea Benefits are not restricted only to combat cancer and preventing blood clots, other research has shown that green tea helps to lower cholesterol in the body and also helps to fight arthritis, cardiovascular disease, immunodeficiency and infections.

  • Green Tea and Weight Loss

The medicinal properties of green tea are not limited to combat ailments and diseases. Recently studies, has been conducted on the effects of green tea reducing body fat. One study found evidence that people who regularly drink green tea burn more calories each day than people who do not.

People who regularly consume green tea, burn fat easier and faster, compared to those who do not consume it. This benefit of green tea in burning fat is due also to the antioxidant “epigallocatechin gallate” that helps to accelerate the way the body uses food, accelerating the nervous system and increased metabolism that contribute to burning calories. In addition, the catechin in green tea, according to available studies, is directly responsible for the increased energy expenditure and increased oxidation of fat.

In the University Hospital in Tainan, Taiwan, a study was conducted on the possible relationship between green tea consumption and changes in fat percentage and distribution of body fat. In those who had been drinking green tea for a long period of time, they detected a 19.6% reduction in body fat percentage and 2.1 percent reduction of localized fat on the waist. Proving again the benefits that Green Tea has in the burning of body fat and therefore in the process of reducing weight.

  • Add Green Tea to Your Diet

All the benefits of green tea have been scientifically tested, from fighting cancer to weight loss. Green Tea is an element that nature offers us to improve our health, lose weight and above all to increase our life expectancy. Now with all this knowledge about green tea, there is no reason to not include at least one cup of green tea each day in our diet.

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